Individual Training


,,Youth academies should be large 'factories' that will create future generations of players. Today's football is playing at high speed, so we need players who have a good technique in terms of speed, and what I specially follow it is to develop the individual technique at a young age. ,,


The idea to set up this football technique course was born after almost 20 years of experience as a coach and a technical coordinator in different football clubs at youth level, in different countries, with collaborations with coaches from Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Holland. , etc. and working with children from different continents (Europe, Africa and Asia).

The technical project "Individual Training" was created just like in school when everything is learned from 0. It is the same in football, it is a route to be followed, from an easy level to a complex level, so that the player to learn naturally and assimilate step by step the basic technique, that is the foundation of a football player.

The great football schools in Italy, Spain, Holland etc. create players that from a technical point of view have no secrets, only through the fact that they have a methodology, and they follow every rule strictly from a young age.

The objective of this football course is to help the young player become familiar with the ball, to control it and to help them gain an appropriate technique of the game.



Any child between 8-14 years (boy or girl)



The contents are innovative, seeking that throughout learning the course and perfecting the football technique elements, it helps the player control the ball in any situation effectively and will help him overcome the opponent in order to complete his action. More than this we have a special module, dedicated to 1vs1 and to discover the Belgian methodology for developing individual technique.



  • Progression of exercises in such a way that they are stimulating for the player
  • Finding "smart" versions of the exercises in such a way as to stimulate the players' thinking
  • Building a mentality to be finalized with the objective of completing each action towards the goal.
  • Repetition plays a major role in improving the technique, but in real game situation.


The importance of knowing and having a training methodology is of major importance, helping the player to acquire and improve in a logical and gradual manner the technical capabilities.



Each participant will have 1-2 weekly sessions. Groups will be of a minimum of 4 and maximum 6 players, with almost the same age. For those living outside Timisoara area, we can offer packages that include accommodation and meals, which can be carried out during the weekend or during the week through an intensive course. All participants will receive equipment, only football boots will have to be brought in by the player. For a clear record, each participant (the parent) will have to complete a technical sheet, with the details of their own child. The course is held outside in case of favorable weather, or in the gym in case of adverse weather. The duration of a workout will be between 60-75 minutes.

All those interested are asked to go to my contact page on the website and fill in the contact form. formularul de contact.

Football in the past was learned on the streets, children had time and space to play. In 2020, all this became just a memory, so the time spent training 2-3 times a week, when the pitch is practicable and the training sessions give the young player enough time to improve his qualities. In fact, one of the current problems of football, when a child joins a club comes directly in contact with the team, many coaches focusing, from their desire for immediate results, on the collective game, leaving very little room for individual development. Automatically, if you are lucky enough to have a talented child everything is easier, up to a certain age, instead the talented ones will be marginalized and set aside, because nobody has the patience to devote time to learning the elements and the basic techniques.

That's why I think football is not a simple game, it seems simple when played by the great champions, who have a speed technique and impeccable intelligence. For everyone else it is a very complex game.

For me, personally, as a coach / educator of young players I could say that it is enough to watch the game of great champions, who with their game show us exactly the way to go!